Q: How do I get a job with LaborWorx?

A: After downloading the LaborWorx app & creating a profile you can search for open jobs and apply. Sometimes a LaborWorx recruiter may contact you when a job matches your skills and experience.  

Q: How do I find my LaborWorx Account Manager?

A: If you are currently working on a job with LaborWorx you can find your Account Manager on the job page in the mobile app listed under Company. If you are not currently active on a job but would like to contact us – email questions@laborworx.com 

Q: Why do I need to make a tax election to apply for a job & what’s the difference between 1099 & W2?

A: Tax election determines how you would like to be taxed. 1099 workers are independent contractors and payroll taxes are reported, but not withheld from your paychecks. W2 workers taxes are reported and withheld from each paycheck.  

Q: How often will I get paid when working for LaborWorx and how can I check my hours?

A.: LaborWorx pays workers weekly on Friday for time worked during the previous work week (Monday-Sunday). This is done through PayChex and time can be verified on your paystub in the PayChex Flex app. 

Q: Does LaborWorx pay overtime?

A: Yes, workers who have indicated that they are W2 in their tax elections will get paid overtime if working more than 40hrs in 1 working week (Monday-Sunday). 

Q: How do I contact LaborWorx if I have questions about my pay?

A: Email payroll@laborworx.com with any questions about pay.  

Q: PayChex Flex requires 2 forms of ID to complete I9 verification. What ID is acceptable?

A: The following are acceptable forms of ID – Driver’s License, Permanent Resident Card, Work Permit, Social Security Card or Passport. Additional details can be found here

Q: If I don’t have a bank account, how will I get paid?

A:  When completing onboarding in the PayChex Flex app you can skip entering bank account info and you will be asked to choose a pay card. Pay cards will be mailed to the address on your account.  

Q: Who do I contact if I forget my password for the PayChex Flex app?

A: Click ‘Forgot Password’ on the login page in the PayChex Flex app and follow the instructions to reset your password or contact PayChex Flex support at (888) 772-9773.