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LaborWorx Benefits

Top Talent - Fast

High-caliber tradespeople sourced quickly and efficiently to meet your timeline. 

Flexible Workforce

Avoid holdover syndrome by hiring skilled labor only when you need it and for as long as you need it.

100% Contract Fulfillment

Our unique talent network ensures we can meet 100% of your skilled trade needs, including niche or special project roles.

Contingency Workforce

Source highly skilled workers on an as-needed basis, whether it’s a special project, planned outage, or an emergency situation.

One worker's experience

“Their skilled workers on site have been top-notch, and we look forward to completing a very successful project with them.


Industries We Serve


Heavy Industrial

commercial construction

Power & Energy

Warehouse & Distribution

Heavy & Light Manufacturing

Petro-chemical & Power Generation

Equipment & Facility Maintenance

Industrial Fabrication & Construction

Electrical & Solar Energy

Automotive & Transportation

Laborworx talent network - employment agency placement for skilled workers

Keep your business moving forward

Finding the skilled labor needed for your company to function at full capacity, or in an emergency, is often a challenge. LaborWorx solves this through our unique talent network, ensuring you have the skilled workforce you need, when you need it, to keep moving forward.

Tried and True Talent Placement

Hiring and training workers for short-term or special projects can be very expensive. We provide you with safe, productive, and experienced tradespeople who, under your supervisors, can complete projects more efficiently and at less cost to your business.

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